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Starts first Monday of each month

Whether you are feeling stressed or anxious, find it hard to switch off at sleep time, or just want a break from your over-thinking mind. Fill your cup with some nurturing to cultivate Inner Calm and harness the power of your Mind to support you.



Pyjama Therapy Membership Program

Re-code your Mind from bed to have you feeling


Register below and go through to payment to get started for $1.1 per day

($3 from every member goes to a Women´s Charity each month)

 Start-up SPECIAL: Pay for November and you will also receive December for FREE

  What´s included: 

  • Hypnotic audio recordings to listen to as you fall asleep or first thing in the morning to align you for the day

  • Weekly mindfulness prompts in the community forum group

  • Support and tips from myself and others sharing the journey

  • Give-aways for participant engagement 

  • A pathway forward to continue supporting you to harness the power of your mind 

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You were born to bloom.

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