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IIf you are intrigued to try hypnosis and re-code your mind from your bed, you might like to register for my monthly membership starting from October 05 2020 and ticking over every first Monday of the month.

The Mind learns through repetition and accepts what is familiar as TRUTH. What goes through your mind daily becomes programmed in at a subconscious level as what is known and true to you, aka your comfort zone and thus part of your identity. 

Through the use of short hypnotic audios with deeply relaxing music to slow down your brainwaves, you will drop off into a deeply restful sleep listening to the audios and reprogram your mind whilst you sleep. Or you may choose to set your alarm 20 minutes early and start your day giving your mind clear and powerful commands to have you feeling aligned with your inner resources to start the day. 

You will also be given Mindfulness Prompts in the Member´s Group each week, along with the support from myself and other members sharing the journey.

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