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7 Days to De-Frazzle. Spring Clean your mind of old junk and access Inner Calm… Starting Mon Sept 21

By clearing out "mental junk" (aka those daily thoughts on default-repeat that are not useful to you), it allows clearer access to your deeper desires and intrinsic motivation to follow those desires through action .

WHY: We all have a tendency to over think...and most of the time we are running the same kinds of thoughts over and over and whether they are self-critical thoughts or putting extra pressure on ourselves to do more, achieve more, this creates mental and physical fatigue. Over-thinking, and especially stress and anxiety give us the sense of always feeling busy, and that there is not enough time to get everything done, which leads to overwhelm and being ineffective.

Particularly right now, amidst a pandemic (and even more so in Melbourne extended lockdown), most of us have been operating in survival mode, adapting to very unusual circumstances. Whether you are on your own and feeling lonely, or in a household with the same people 24/7 month after month, or dealing with kids with cabin fever, it is very common for the adrenals to be worn out, leading to mental and physical exhaustion, and brain fog.

When the mind is SO full of clutter there is no room for fresh ideas or inspiration. One of my teachers-well known British hypnotherapist Marisa Peer says that when dealing with the subconscious mind, the greater the effort of the conscious mind, the less the subconscious responds.

Think about when you are trying to remember the name of someone you met or the title of a book….the more you consciously try to remember it, you can´t..and then as soon as you let go of trying, the name pops up from your subconscious mind effortlessly.

Your subconsious is actually a super power when you run it masterfully. Your subconscious responds to your repeated daily thoughts and actions and takes them as commands of what you want. What you think about you perpetuate. And this is where your psychology meets the law of attraction because your mind is always looking to bring you what it known and familiar. So what you think of and tell yourself daily, you notice showing up in your life. This is due to the RAS- (Reticular Activating System) filter in the mind. The RAS filters out information that is perceived to be unimportant to you and zooms in on what it deems as important to you.

Eg: You decide to buy a certain make of car. Suddenly you notice more of that kind of car on the road than ever before. It was always there but now your filters are set to notice it. Relating it to critical thoughts that you tell yourself often, your RAS takes these thoughts as important to you and will look for situations in your life as evidence and proof that the critical thought or belief is real. "See, I told you that was the case. Look it´s happening again, it must be true." Your subconscious mind will remind you of all the other times that you felt that way etc etc ETC.

To take it one step further, your subconsious mind is a loyal servant that will adhere to any commands that you give it, until you replace those commands. Imagine your subconscious mind to be like an obedient dog that wants to please you. You throw out your belief like a ball and the dog brings it back. Every time. Wagging it´s tail and wanting you to throw it again. Throw it again. Throw it again. It never tires. It might even hold onto it, chewing on it, or with jaws locked around it, and you tussle with the dog trying to get it to release the ball. "Drop it. Drop it!" And even when YOU tire of throwing the ball, the dog keeps asking you to. You actually have to walk away from the ball to show the dog that you no longer plan to throw it. For now. And after a while, next time you walk outside, there is the dog with the ball asking you to throw it again. Even when that ball is so chewed up and in tatters, the dog will keep asking you to throw it. Until you replace that old thing with a new ball and as soon as you throw that, the dog will be happy to chase that one. We could continue with this metaphor; that sometimes the dog rejects the new ball and goes back to the old tattered slimy piece of rubber. Eventually though, when you stop picking up the remenants of that old ball, the dog will no longer bring it to you to play.

So, throw your dog good quality balls. And when they are worn out and no longer feel appropriate or useful, replace them!

If you are over thinking, stressed or anxious over a prolonged period of time it wears on the adrenal glands, can leave you feeling exhausted and also becomes your default way of being so that even if everything right now is actually fine, your mind will look for something to be anxious or stressed about and hook onto it as something familiar.

Anxiety is when your thoughts are focused on something outside of the present moment...either replaying something that happened and you worrying about what might result from that, or worrying about a future result.

Accessing Inner Calm and THIS very moment NOW gets you out of the head….

So what we will be doing in the 7 Days to Defrazzle and Spring Clean Your Mind is making the state of Calmness in body and mind more familiar to you. We are helping you to be more mindful of the thoughts that you allow to run through your mind. Awareness is the first step in bringing about change. When you become aware of your habits, you can then make different choices and give more useful commands to your subconscious mind.

Register for the FREE 7 Days to De-frazzle and Spring Clean Your Mind to receive short hypnotic audios to recode your mind to Calm, and tips to recalibrate through out the day in my facebook group.

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