Over my 12 years in practice with clients I have found that even after a powerful hypnosis session, the mind can look to return to previous habits in the weeks that follow. The mind always seeks what is familiar as safe. It takes 30 days of consistent, repeated actions to create a physical habit; so too with mental habits.

For this reason I developed my 6 week Reprogramming Package.


Hypnotherapy Packages

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6 Week Reprogramming Package

This package comprises 3 hypnosis sessions over 6 weeks to support the mind to make the new programming very familiar and permanent.  


3 x 90 minute individual hypnosis sessions

3 x individualised hypnotic recordings 

Text and email support over 6 weeks

Check in call at the end of the 6 weeks


I will send you a short pre-session questionnaire to ask what you would like to focus on in order to prepare your first session, and then email your zoom link for the 90 minute session.


After the session I will email you a recording with relaxing backing music to listen to between your sessions.


We schedule in your next session for 2 weeks later, and then a third session for 2 weeks after that.


Each session will come with a  shorter hypnotic recording to listen to in the days that follow to further embed the new coding. The recordings have been a game changer for lasting results in changed habits of thinking and behaving.

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“Sophia has such a calming and beautiful presence. I found her sessions to be very helpful and so relaxing for my mind."

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