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Sophia Davis

I am a certified Hypnotherapist and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner, successfully helping clients since 2008 to overcome various issues, from anxiety and feeling unworthy of love or success, to quitting smoking, body-image issues, unhealthy eating and motivation to exercise.

Specialist Hypnotherapist "Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes"

Master Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner

Master Certified Practitioner of Ericksonian Hypnosis


'An Emotional Day Spa'

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Clients have described my sessions as an “emotional day-spa” as they are relaxing and nurturing.

Having been on a personal development journey for 30 years now (!), I have attended many trainings and studied a variety of healing modalities which have all added depth to the hypnosis scripts I write for my clients.


My first career was working with children through my 20s, from being an aupair in Paris, to running my own children's entertainment business, earth education pantomimes in and around Byron Bay, to teaching children English through drama in Tokyo. 

My 30s saw me start up and operate two Japanese restaurants in Melbourne and it was after the gruelling hours and break down of a relationship that I decided to study hypnotherapy and neuro linguistic programming in 2008. It brought my love for people and fascination with human potential together. I worked in several clinics and centres around Melbourne before relocating in 2012 to Guadalajara Mexico with my Mexican husband. 

In my 40s I set up private practice from my home in Mexico seeing clients initially in English and eventually in Spanish. During this time I also saw clients in England, Canada, the USA and Australia by skype.


I love travel and working with people from different cultures. I have lived and worked in France, Japan and Mexico, taught English in Zimbabwe, and been business mentor to a group of Somali women in starting their own social enterprise in Melbourne. I speak VERY rusty French, Japanese and (getting rusty!) Spanish. 


In August 2018 I moved back to Melbourne with my husband and two Mexican-Australian kids. After working out of a hypnotherapy clinic in Brunswick for a year, I then set up The Upgrade Therapy in January 2020. 


I have been very fortunate in that I had already been giving video sessions for more than 10 years when all the Covid-19 restrictions kicked in, so moved all my sessions online seamlessly. 


I am passionate about helping people to tap into their inner resources and harness the power of their mind. I feel incredibly lucky to be doing what I love for work.


That´s enough about me! 

I want to know about YOU, what you want MORE of in life, and LESS of! 


We are living in uncertain, volatile times. Would you like to connect with the deep Inner Calm within you, that place where you just trust and know that everything is going to be ok? 

I can help you to do this.

Your mind is a loyal servant and follows the commands you give it through your daily thoughts, mental images and actions. I can help you to give your mind more useful, encouraging commands to have your mind working with you to support you to create what you want in life.

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Phoenix Rising

For the woman who is ready to step into her TRUE self… To have the courage to allow herself to recognise the old stories and limiting beliefs that have been holding her back from truly thriving or feeling fulfilled. For the woman who knows she wants more, and wants to
rise together with other women. To accept herself, love herself and truly flourish as more of her.


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