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Personalized, powerful hypnosis sessions to have your mind working for you, in the way that YOU choose so that you can create life on YOUR terms.


The Upgrade Therapy

As humans we all have the same inner resources. You may not be tapping into yours, or you may be giving mixed messages to your mind through limiting, or negative habits of thought.  The exciting thing is that beliefs, or habits of thinking can be easily changed through hypnosis.
And that’s where I can help.   


I'm Sophia

I am a certified Hypnotherapist and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner, successfully helping clients since 2008 to overcome various issues, from anxiety and feeling unworthy of love or success, to quitting smoking, body-image issues, unhealthy eating, fitness motivation to getting clarity about which direction to take moving forward in life.

My mission is to help others to access their full potential and purpose in life by harnessing the power of their Subconscious Mind through hypnosis and NLP. My focus is on re-calibrating you back to your innate inner resources of Calm, Trust, Confidence, Focus and Power.


My sessions have been described as an “emotional day-spa” as they are relaxing, nurturing and clients feel very safe and supported. 

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Do any of the following

resonate with you?

✔️ You struggle to find emotional balance

✔️ You have default reactions, thinking patterns or      behaviours that you can´t seem to change

 ✔️You wake up feeling dread that you are not where you want to         be in life

If so, hypnotherapy could be the answer.  Hypnotherapy can be used to treat anxiety, phobias, substance abuse including tobacco, undesirable spontaneous behaviours, and unhealthy or sabotaging habits. It can be used to help improve sleep, learning disorders, communication, and relationship issues.


Hypnotherapy Treatment Programs

I offer Treatment Sessions on healthy eating, fitness motivation, overcoming anxiety, growing confidence, dealing with life´s stresses and pressures in positive ways, focus and motivation to stick to whatever goal you set.  Sessions available in person in Ivanhoe or by zoom.

Private Hypnotherapy Consultations

1:1 Hypnotherapy session packages designed specifically to re-calibrate you back to your full power. Start anytime.

Book your 6 week package here. 


Phoenix Rising

Online Course

Shift limiting beliefs and step into your true potential. with this 8 week online journey for women.  

Please enquire for next intake.

Take Away

Video Series

​3 part video series introducing concepts to understand how the subconscious works and to harness the power of the mind with a hypnosis session in each video. 


Client's recommend Sophia

Cat M.

“Sophia has such a calming and beautiful presence. I found her sessions to be very helpful and so relaxing for my mind.” 

Kate LP.

““Sophia has helped me to shift dramatically, with amazing results. After just one session I noticed a shift around 3 days later. Sophia also helped me to gain the confidence to start my own business that I had been thinking about doing for years.”

Jaymini M.

“Sophia has provided me with a streamlined, cut to the chase method to shift some old patterns and ways of thinking.


Inspiration & tips

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